Appleby Emergency Support Network

What Is It?

Appleby Emergency Support Network (AESN) is run by Appleby Emergency Response Group and aims to provide a more efficient and direct approach of communicating with and assisting residents of Appleby in times of emergency.

How Does it work?

Residents can register with AERG and select the types of event / incident / emergency that they wish to be kept informed about. A mobile or landline phone number will need to be supplied. In the event of an incident / emergency, AERG will send out information regarding the situation. Regular updates will also be sent throughout the event. Residents are also able to notify us of any special circumstances and vulnerabilities so that we can assist in ensuring that person’s safety. We will operate a traffic light system based on priority, so that we can ensure that assistance is given to those in most need first.

How can we help you?

Each area of the town will be supported by a network of AERG volunteers who will be referred to as wardens. This is a similar system to the one our volunteers adopted during the pandemic. You will be allocated a warden who will be your contact during an emergency. The wardens will be responsible for carrying out door knocks, if necessary, to check on registered vulnerable residents. You will also receive communication via text / phone from AERG updating you on the developing situation.

An example of ways we can help: Prolonged Mains Water Failure – we will notify affected residents offering updates as the situation develops – we can relay information from United Utilities about emergency water collection points and can help those with difficulties accessing the water to ensure they don’t go without. We can notify the utilities company of our priority residents.

The system will offer reassurance that someone is looking out for you if you need assistance.

Who can use the service?

The system is open to all residents in the Parish of Appleby.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the registration form (or select button below)

We will then contact you with more information.

How can I help?

Would you be willing to volunteer for AERG? We are looking for more volunteers to be involved with flooding response but also as wardens for the Support Network Project. Please contact 07467 589238 or for more information.