We have reactivated our community response plan in reaction to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our volunteers are currently delivering cards to households in the Parish of Appleby.
We wish to maintain acting as a safety net to those who have no other help and support. We will continue to work alongside the statutory authorities.
• We encourage everyone to look out for each other, keep supporting your family, friends and neighbours.
• Information cards will be delivered to all residents in Appleby giving the group coordinators details as the main point of contact.
• We are able to help with problems caused by isolation such as getting essential supplies and needing someone to talk to, or directing people to where you can get help.
• Once a request is made, the group coordinator will allocate to the most relevant volunteer.
Please be mindful of the fact that our volunteers give up their own time and put themselves at risk to help others. Before contacting us please make sure that you have a genuine need.
Stay Safe Everyone.