Appleby Flood Risk Management Scheme

Updated August 2021

What we are doing:
The Environment Agency is currently designing a new pumping station to deal with excess flows of water in the Doomgate culvert.

Why it is happening:
During wet weather, areas of Doomgate, Chapel Street and Holme Street can experience flooding as a result of the Doomgate culvert becoming gravity locked during high flows on the River Eden. A new pumping station in Broadclose Car Park will help alleviate this problem and reduce flood risk.

When it is happening:
The main construction work is programmed to be undertaken during January 2022 with the new pumping station commissioned/operable for Winter 2022/23. See programme of works as follows:

Activity Latest Forecast Date
Appraisal Ongoing
Outline Business Case submission June 21
Planning submission based on Final Detailed Design Sept 21
Planning Approval Nov 21
Full Business Case (FSoD) approval Dec 21
Enabling works/Construction starts Jan 22
Scheme ready to operate Oct 22


Our previous update suggested a Summer 21 start for construction, however, there have been some delays due to Covid and some technical and funding issues.  These are now resolved and we aim to start construction in January 2022.

Who is doing the work:
The pumping station designers are Jacobs. They are working closely with our contractors Volker Stevin.

Who will be affected and how:

We will try to minimise disruption for local residents and businesses but there will be disruption during the construction phase.  Broadclose carpark will be used as the construction compound.  Some road closures and traffic management will be required and these will be kept to the minimum required to enable the construction works to progress so that there isn’t any unnecessary disruption to residents.  The provision of alternative parking is an important consideration and something that we are developing with the help of other parties at present.  Volker Stevin will be in regular contact with local residents and businesses before and during construction.

Construction Period:

The bulk of the construction is based in Broadclose car park, however constructing the connecting pipework between Doomgate and Broadclose car park will mean sections of Holme Street and Chapel Street need to be dug up.  The duration of this part of the scheme is not yet known.

As per previous winters, there will be a provision of some temporary pumps over Winter 2021 which can be used during times of flood until the scheme is completed.

Where I can find out more information:

We are working in conjunction with Appleby Town Council and Appleby Emergency Response Group to ensure that you are kept informed.  There will be an information available at St Lawrence’s cloisters (Tourist Information Centre).  Design drawings showing the proposed compound, traffic management arrangements and locations where parking is affected and detailed scheme information are available above.

We will circulate an updated information leaflet to residents in Autumn 2021 with detailed information about the planned works.  A formal period of consultation will be available during the planning process.  The traffic management plan will form part of the planning application.

We welcome your feedback via e-mail at