Appleby Flood Risk Management Scheme

What we are doing:
The Environment Agency is currently designing a new pumping station to deal with excess flows of water in the Doomgate culvert.

Why it is happening:
During wet weather, areas of Doomgate, Chapel Street and Holme Street can experience flooding as a result of the Doomgate culvert becoming gravity locked during high flows on the River Eden. A new pumping station in Broadclose Car Park will help alleviate this problem and reduce flood risk.

When it is happening:
The main construction work is programmed to be undertaken during Summer 2021 with the new pumping station commissioned/operable for Winter 2021. Prior to the main construction work we will be carrying out Ground Investigation works in December 2020.

Who is doing the work:
The pumping station designers are Jacobs. They are working closely with our contractors Volker Stevin. Volker Stevin have lined up Rogers Geotechnical to undertake the GI work and the traffic management is being carried out by Carlisle Traffic Management.

Who will be affected and how:
Local residents, businesses and people using the roads in the area will suffer some disruption during the GI work in December and also the construction phase in Summer 2021.

Where I can find out more information:

COVID-19 social distancing measures prevent us from holding a face to face community drop-in event at this time, however we are working in conjunction with Appleby Town Council and Appleby Emergency Response Group to ensure that you are kept informed. There will be an information
display board in St Lawrence’s cloisters and also in the Tourist Information Centre.

Drawings showing the locations of the GI, the proposed compound, traffic management arrangements and locations where parking is affected and detailed scheme information are available at:

We will circulate an updated information leaflet in Spring 2021 with detailed information about the planned works for the Summer.

We welcome your feedback via e-mail at

December 2020 Ground Investigation (GI) works

To help us with the design of the scheme, we need to understand what existing services there are along the line of our intended works. We also need to understand the ground conditions to help us with our design and construction methods. In order to do this we will be undertaking Ground
Investigation (boreholes and slit trenches) in locations along Holme Street, Chapel Street and in Broadclose car park.

GI Timescales, Traffic Management and parking

These GI works are scheduled to start on the 30th November 2020 and are programmed to last 2 weeks. The Environment Agency is aware that the proposed GI works are likely to coincide with the end of the national Corona Virus related lockdown. It is acknowledged that this is an unfortunate
but unavoidable situation, for residents and businesses, of which the Environment Agency is aware. The Aiming of our work was commissioned some time ago as part of securing permission from the Highways Authority and has subsequently coincided with the national lockdown.
In order to help us undertake the work safely, we need to have traffic management in place and occupy areas of car parking in Broadclose car park and along Chapel Street and Holme Street. There will be traffic lights and a one-way system in place along Chapel Street from the junction of
Holme Street to the junction with Low Wiend. The parking spaces along this section of road will be suspended but other spaces will be provided.
There will also be three-way traffic lights in operation between the junctions of Doomgate, High Wiend and Chapel Street. Access to businesses and residential properties along this section of road will be maintained throughout.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel may not be the best metaphor for illustrating where we are with flood resilience plans but it is actually true. Everyone has been very patient in waiting for additional flood defences around the town and, thankfully, the multiagency approach combined with dedicated pressure from our Council and the AERG, means that major flood defence work will commence soon. This is going to cause significant disruption for a couple of months. I am confident that we can all cooperate with each other with due tolerance and diligence as the work goes on, as we continue our goal to futureproof the town. Thank you all for your continued patience”

Gareth Hayes, Appleby Mayor