Operational Funding


Eden District Council have provided us with funding for Operational costs in 2021 and we have also secured funding from Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Council for 2022.

Cumbria County Council’s Eden Local Committee funded us a small grant which enabled us to purchase wheelbarrows, sack barrows, shovels and polypropylene sandbags which will be used to help prevent flooding in the town.


During 2020 we received two grants from Cumbria Community Foundation to support the Group’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This funding allowed the Group to appoint a temporary part-time Group Administrator to help with registering volunteers, purchase PPE such as gloves, hi-vis vests and face masks, undertake DBS checks and cover other volunteering costs.  The Group was able to establish a network of Street Wardens, arrange for shopping to be delivered and collect prescriptions for those who were self-isolating and did not have the support of family, friends and neighbours.  This funding allowed us to be flexible in our response and also supported us during the second lockdown in 2021.

NFU Mutual also provided further support which allowed us to purchase additional communications equipment and more PPE which will be used during the pandemic and also in the future.

Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Council and Cumbria County Council provided us funding to go towards the operational costs of running the group in 2021, when the Cumbria Community Foundation grant expires.


In 2017 the Group received three years of operational funding from Cumbria Community Foundation.  This funding enabled the Group to employ a part-time Group Co-ordinator, purchase communication equipment, develop a Community Emergency Plan, buy PPE for volunteers and undertake volunteer training.  It also allowed the Group to apply for other grants to help with the funding of projects like the new flood siren and the purchase of a generator.  Also, in 2017 NFU Mutual provided funding towards the purchase of walkie talkies.  The walkie talkies are a great communication tool that enables volunteers to stay in touch with each other over short distances

New Flood Siren

In August 2019 the new flood siren was commission thanks to funding from The Prince’s Countryside Fund, Appleby Rotary Club and the Frieda Scott Charitable Trust.  The Klaxon siren  is located on the new Appleby Eden Cricket Pavilion and was installed by local contractor Eden Stonework.  The location of the siren ensures that The Sands receives the optimum coverage which is important as it always floods first and most frequently.  The new siren can be operated both remotely and manually and was sounded three times during the flooding events of February / March 2020.


In October 2019 we were delighted to take delivery of a Medusa Ti-002 Inverter Generator funded by Cumbria County Council and ACTion with Communities in Cumbria.  The generator was purchased from local business, H Pigney and Son and was ready for use at our Command Centre during the flooding events of February and March 2020.  Fortunately it was not needed.   The generator will be used for the charging and operation of our communication equipment (walkie talkies, radios, laptops and mobile phones) allowing us to keep responding to an emergency even when the power goes off.