Could you cope in a power cut?

Power Cuts are inconvenient.  It is rare that the power would be off for an extended period of time, however if it was, some people would be able to cope ok but others may find it extremely difficult.   In these cases, Electricity North West can offer extra support to keep you safe and comfortable until the power is back on.

Joining Electricity North West’s Priority Services Register is simple to do – you can download the application form here: Priority Scheme Leaflet 2021

We are also able to provide hard copy leaflets.  If you would like one, email us on or ring 07467589238.

The register is free to join and there is a dedicated Welfare Team to keep priority customers safe and comfortable.

For more information, you can watch this video:

or click on the following link

Could you cope with no water?

We can all benefit from a bit of extra support at some stage in our lives. This could be due to age, ill health, disability, mental health problems, financial worries or language barriers.

United Utilities Priority Services is free and could help you, your family or your friends benefit from additional support from them so they can respond quickly to those particular needs.

For further information and how to register