What we do:

Our aim is to work with the Appleby Community in circumstances prior to an emergency to ensure residents have as much notice as possible to prepare for a situation that is likely to have a sudden and adverse impact on their homes and businesses.

Our immediate focus is on potential future flooding events.

Our team of volunteers will ensure that the community is Advised, Informed, Signposted, Warned and Supported, where we can.

Appleby Flood Volunteers:

What we do.  During a time of potential flood AERG will carry out the following tasks:

  • Liaise with the EA to determine real time information regarding potential weather/flood impacts.
  • Update social media with any information that we have.
  • If a flood is predicted, we would trigger our emergency plan Emergency Plan.
  • Volunteers would ‘door knock’ on the properties that are due to be affected to inform of the situation.
  • Volunteers will assist in the deployment of sandbags
  • AERG will sound the Flood Siren if applicable
  • AERG will supplement and support the appropriate emergency services and authorities
  • Assist with the clean up after a flood

What we don’t do

  • Enter your property
  • Help move furniture
  • Enter flood water