What we did:

Between 23rd March 2020 and end of July 2020, AERG volunteers;

  • Collected 595 prescriptions,
  • Carried out 712 shopping tasks.
  • Carried out 172 ‘other’ tasks such as dog walking, posting letters etc.
  • In total we responded to 1479 requests.

After the first lockdown we carried out a further 14 prescription collections however by this stage the Appleby residents had become much more resilient and we were carrying out mainly ‘signposting’ enquiries.


Residents Testimonials:

“It was absolutely brilliant – we knew we could get our prescriptions and it was lovely that we didn’t have to go out and face the virus.  Thank you for everything you did for us can’t thank you enough.  Miss seeing such a lovely smiling face”


“At the start no one knew about the virus and over 50s were more at risk.  We were not wanting to go out and knowing that you were able to collect our prescriptions for us was a great relief.  We thank you for putting yourself at risk for us and many other people in Appleby.  It was so nice to see such a friendly face so thank you” – Carolyn and Gordon Dargue


“It was lovely.   We found the volunteer service absolutely invaluable which enabled us to keep away from the crowds and feel more secure.  We thank the hero’s that did it” – Barbara and Peter Smith


“It was very good and very pleased because at the time I had no support.  It was perfect as it saved me not having to go out.  Very convenient indeed.  Thanks once again for all your help” – Geoff Drewe


Mary and Gareth were an amazing, essential help to me during COVID as I was shielding with my 2 daughters.  They brought up my medication I needed on a regular basis from the chemist and I would have been very stuck if the volunteer service hadn’t have helped me with this.  She also was a bright, cheerful person to see when we were seeing no one else at that time.  I’m only 45 and so found it very hard to ask for help but Mary was lovely and totally understood my situation.  I would have been lost without her. – Jo Johnstone


“I can say from both of us, you were an absolute god send.  We couldn’t have managed without you.  We were so very, very grateful for all you did in the first two lockdowns.” – Anonymous


“You were a god send when I couldn’t go out myself.  You were a really, really big help and cant thank you enough” – Ann Yates